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Modules 1-3



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CleanLearning's online testing system is offered by Classmarker; an easy and secure hosted online testing service that keeps your data safe, backed up and ready to go 24/7


No downloads, installations or investment in technology infrastructure is required, and it's so easy to use, anyone can get up and running straight away.

ClassMarker is an online system, so you need internet access and we recommend using a modern web browser:

  • Internet explorer 6+

  • FireFox 2.0+

  • Safari 3+

  • Opera 10.6+

  • Chrome 8+


Additionally you will need JavaScript and cookies enabled which comes standard with web browsers.ClassMarker's online-testing system is available to anyone with an internet connection. Our web-based exam service is easy-to-use, secure and reliable.ClassMarker was built from the ground up using valid XHTML and adhering to accessibility standards. This means ClassMarker works across all major operating systems, web browsers and devices to ensure our service can be accessed however and wherever you like.Any device that has an internet connection can access ClassMarker's online-testing system.ClassMarker is compatible with all major operating systems including:

  • Windows

  • Macintosh

  • Linux

  • Chrome OS / Chromebook


Smart devices including:

  • iPhone

  • iPod touch

  • iPad

  • Android


Trusted by the World's Most Respected Brands

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