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Cleaning a Filter


Welcome to CleanLearning, a training and certification program for housekeepers in all industries but especially for healthcare settings.

What is CleanLearning? 


CleanLearning is a comprehensive training and certification program for the cleaning industry. The program is based on Healthcare best practice cleaning and disinfection which can be applied to many different industry sectors, especially long-term care facilities, schools, doctor’s offices, hotels, and more. 


Who should take the CleanLearning program? 


CleanLearning was designed to provide organizations and individuals knowledge on best-practice cleaning and disinfection, to also raise the level of professionalism within the cleaning industry and most importantly, to provide individuals the knowledge and skills to safely lead cleaning teams or perform healthy cleaning tasks.


“CleanLearning courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels of Housekeeping personnel – Managers, Supervisors, Lead-hands and FRONTLINE staff, regardless of the industry they support.”

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