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Welcome to CleanLearning, a training and certification program for housekeepers in all industries but especially for healthcare settings. This program was developed by Good Choice Cleaning Services Inc.


Our vision is to improve the quality of clean through certification. We believe that providing housekeepers with the proper knowledge and direction, the facility they service will become a cleaner and safer place for all occupants.


CleanLeaning is a program that can be used by organizations to achieve quality cleaning. It is not legislated or intended to be anything other than a tool to help improve the quality of cleaning for facilities.


This program can be used effectively by school boards, hotels, healthcare facilities and any other industry that requires quality housekeeping.


For the first time ever, we have created a training and certification program which emphasizes one standard of clean for the cleaning industry. However, we acknowledge that your cleaning procedures may need to be adjusted because of the tools, equipment and requirements within each organization or location.


Under the direction of Keith Sopha, President of Good Choice Cleaning Services Inc., the CleanLearning project team worked directly with industry experts to create the twelve training modules that you are about to participate in.


These industry experts are recognized as “Program Contributors” throughout the CleanLearning program as they provided the expertise, cleaning tools, equipment, and supplies required to develop this program.


Many procedures in this program are based on best practice cleaning guidelines and standards available in Canada at the time of production. However, it is very important that you use the CleanLearning program as a guide and always follow all best practice guidelines and regulatory requirements within your jurisdiction.


The Program


CleanLearning is designed to be an interactive approach to training for environmental managers, supervisors and front-line housekeeping staff at any type of workplace.


The package is similar to a ‘Train the Trainer’ program. Initially, managers and supervisors will complete the program, and then use their knowledge of the program and its contents to train the front-line staff.


CleanLearning has 12 modules dedicated to the topics necessary for a housekeeper to be a successful employee. Many procedures were based on best practice cleaning guidelines and standards available in Canada at the time of production and we anticipate this program will be the biggest and most effective training program the cleaning industry has ever experienced.


In each module you will be introduced to up-to-date information relevant to the housekeeping industry. As you work through the program you will find ‘CleanLearning CheckPoints’ strategically placed throughout each module to help ensure that you have retained the information up to that point in the module. At the end of every module there is also a ‘CleanLearning KeyPoints’ that summarizes the information covered in the module.


Each participant is responsible for completing the classroom component and an evaluation component. The classroom component will require the completion of the twelve modules. It is estimated that each module will take approximately 45- 60 minutes to complete. A module does not need to be completed in one sitting as the program will take you back to where a participant finished at the last sitting.  The evaluation component requires the participant to successfully complete four segments. There is an evaluation segment after every three modules completed. After completion of modules 3, 6, 9 and 12 the participant will be directed to CleanLearning’s website, www.cleanlearning.org , to complete an on-line evaluation. An evaluation component will consist of 25 multiple choice questions and must be completed in one sitting. One segment should take approximately 45 minutes. After every evaluation segment the participant will receive an automatic reply outlining the success level for that segment. Successful completion for each segment requires a 75% or higher grade.


Once all four segments have been successfully completed the participant will qualify for the first level of certification (Certified Environmental Housekeeper). Re-certification will be required every three years. 












On behalf of Good Choice Cleaning Services Inc. and the Clean Learning project team, I look forward to:

“Improving the Quality of Clean Through Certification”