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Program Content

· Cleaning objectives for the organization

· Importance of cleaning, understand why we need to clean using best


· Why it is important to use quality supplies and approved products

· Definition of cleaning and disinfection

· Terminology used in the cleaning industry

· Key elements that make up an effective housekeeping program

· Dress code and personal hygiene 

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1.  Fundamentals of Housekeeping

2.  Adaptive Leadership

oLeadership capabilities for individual housekeeping staff and the


oUnderstanding Adaptive Leadership and how it can be applied in

Housekeeping Services 

3.  Workplace Safety

oRelevant legal responsibilities

oIdentifying common hazards and methods for recognizing, assessing, and

controlling occupational risk in the cleaning industry,

oWHMIS requirements as it relates to environmental cleaning. 

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4.  Infection Prevention

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oChain of Transmission,

oHand care

oTypes of personal protective equipment (PPE)

oPPE usage 

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5.  Cleaning Tools, Equipment and Products

oDamp wiping and disinfecting

oCleaning Walls, ceilings, lights and vents

oHard floor care

oVacuums and their application

oCarpet care


oEquipment usage, storage safety and maintenance 

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6.  Cleaning Tasks

oDamp wiping and disinfecting

oDry and wet mopping

oFloor polishing and refinishing


oDamp wiping and disinfecting

oWalls ceiling lights and vents 

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7.  Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices

oHealthCare – routine patient room cleaning

oDischarge cleaning patient

oIsolation cleaning patient

oDischarge isolation cleaning

oWashroom cleaning

oBlood and body fluids

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8.  Waste Management


oWaste types




oProcess handling 

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9.  Environmental Sustainability

oDefinition of sustainability.

oThe importance of reducing your personal and organizational impact upon

the environment.

oCategories related to maintaining a sustainable working environment.

oThe importance of sustainability audits and the role they play in

maintaining a sustainable workplace.

oKey elements that make up an effective sustainability initiative. 

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10.  Cleaning Audits

oKey reasons a cleaning audit programs is vital to properly manage your


oPurpose and function

oEssential components of a successful cleaning audit program. – Audit


oTypes of cleaning audits

oWays to assess that cleaning was complete effectively.

oTools available for auditing cleaning 

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11.  Pest Control​

oUnderstand why pest control management is important.

oHave basic knowledge of commonly encountered pests that inhabit our


oKnow the habits and habitats of common pests that invade our buildings.

oKnow how to monitor and detect pests.

oApply the principles of Integrated Pest Management to effectively help

manage pests that find their way into your facility.

oUnderstand the role of your pest control provider and how best to co-

operate with them to effectively manage pests in your facilities 

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12.  Ergonomics

oReview the objectives and the definitions of ergonomics.

oBasic anatomy and how we can systematically clean while protecting

ourselves from potential musculoskeletal disorders.

oBe aware of symptoms and signs of musculoskeletal disorders.

oIdentify factors of ergonomic risk related to posture, force and repetition,

oIdentify secondary ergonomic risk factors. 

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