Modules 7-9

Welcome to the online evaluation for Modules 7-9.


This is the third of four evaluation components that you will have to complete successfully in order to become a Certified Environmental Housekeeper (CEH).


Before starting the evaluation please ensure that you have completed and understand the contents of Modules 7-9.


Success requires a final score of at least 75% in each of the four components.


A final score of less than 75% in any component will require an evaluation retake of that component.


Please note that once started this component, which has 25 questions, must be completed in one 60 minute sitting. Not completing the component in the required time limit will require a retake of that component.


Each retake will have a $20 administration fee payable to Good Choice Cleaning Inc. applied to it.


Results of this component will be shown to you at the end of this evaluation. 


Thank-you and good luck!

The CleanLearning Team